Thank you for your interest in becoming an honorary Longhorn through our BANNER SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE. We look forward to working with you! Contributions are tax deductible. 


LPE PTA will accept banners no larger than 4ft x 6ft. Banners will be displayed through the end of the school year, along the school property fence line of the school parking lot. LPE PTA is not responsible for banners damaged due to weather or vandalism. Vendors must provide their own banners with grommets for hanging in six corners and maintain them, if damaged by weather conditions, LPE PTA will notify vendors if banners are damaged, so that banners can be replaced, if needed. LPE PTA will hang the banners. Vendors are not allowed to hang banners.

During severe inclement weather, banners are temporarily taken down to prevent damage. Banners MUST be approved before they are displayed. LPE PTA reserves the right to reject any banner it feels does not comply with the mission and goals of LPE PTA or with the standards of the Orange County Public School System. Political, alcohol, tobacco and other related types of advertising will not be accepted. Existing banners do not require approval, unless the banner will be replaced with a new banner design. Payment can be made online or by check written to LPE PTA. Banners should be delivered to the front office. Notify LPE PTA VP of Fundraising when items have been dropped off at the front office.